MoMa MoWa

Posted by in Blog on Apr 15, 2012

Yesterday’s MoMa outing was pretty good… we mowed a lawn, made a couple of converts, and I got to see Hobart for the THIRD time!

Goodbye lawnmower, hello scythe...

I think the smile on this guy’s dial says it all. He was a first time mower, and was looking for alternatives to keep the lawn down in his Hobart back yard.

We just happened to have a professional photographer on hand… nice work as always, Dinger!

All in all the odds were stacked against us. 3:30pm is hardly the ideal time to mow grass, the glass fence provided an extra challenge for accurate mowing,  and the grass didn’t have a lot of bulk. But it turned out for the best in the end; it was very much a real world situation and the scythe proved its worth. I was told by my wife (who was an undercover ‘plant’ in the crowd) that there were some encouraging adjectives coming from the mouths of onlookers. “Impressive!”  “So silent!”